Find what kind of motherboard i have


  1. How do I find what computer motherboard I have?
  2. Native Method Find Out Motherboard Model (No 3rd Party tools required)
  3. How to Buy a Motherboard: A Guide for 12222

It is very crucial to identify your computer motherboard model manufacturer, brand, and chipset , if you would like to prevent against compatibility issues in future when installing new components or upgrading your PC. In fact, you might purchase a PC and lack any clue of the PC motherboard model. Finding out your motherboard model can be as simple as opening your computer case up.

What Motherboard Do I Have? - Who Made My Motherboard? Video

This is because motherboards model name is usually printed somewhere on the motherboard surface. However, some people find this option stressful; some users are simply too lazy to shut the PC down and check, some are shy about opening it while some laptop users would not like going via the labyrinth of hardware. As a computer user at some point in computing life you will have to know the exact model of your motherboard, especially if you are in need of upgrading your computer, since the model motherboard you have sets the upgrade capabilities of your computer.

You might have used your PC for years without having any clue about your motherboard model. You need to check the motherboard model first! Within the Windows there is a tool known as System Information. This will be helpful when you want to know minute details of your computer system.

How do I find what computer motherboard I have?

This includes information about your computer motherboard model. The steps to viewing system information are very simple to follow. There is a lot of information found on the System Information. Once the above command is run, the System Information window will appear. Depending on the age of your computer, it was designed to use one of the following types of memory technology:.

Native Method Find Out Motherboard Model (No 3rd Party tools required)

SDR single data rate technology primarily appeared in systems manufactured before DDR double data rate technology began to appear in systems manufactured in DDR2 second generation double data rate technology began to appear in DDR3 technology began to appear in DDR4 technology began to appear in The motherboard is the circuit board on which the processor, memory modules, storage SSD or hard drive , and other components are located. As a rule, each generation of memory technology has faster frequencies, runs on lower voltage, and boasts lower latencies than the generation of technology it succeeds.

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Motherboard audio quality is primarily defined by the audio codec aka the audio processing chip a given board uses. But here are a few to keep an eye on:. However, if your case has a window, you should get a board that you like looking at--with lights if you like them. Also, if you are building a system that you want to look as clean as possible that is, with few visible wires snaking around the motherboard , look for a board with its fan and USB headers placed around the edges, and SATA and USB 3 header ports that point to the side, rather than sticking up vertically. This will make accomplishing a clean build much easier.

How to Buy a Motherboard: A Guide for 12222

Want to comment on this story? Let us know what you think in the Tom's Hardware Forums. It use be I'd count all the features a motherboard has when I'd shop for a motherboard.

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Then I discovered how much heat some boards make than others. Nawww, If there isn't quality built into the board, it's as useless as buying a the cheapest board available. I began reading what boards other people had that were reliable, cool and ran pee-chee.

  • How do I find what computer motherboard I have?.
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A lot of research. Then again, what isn't? I lost a new computer to a bad power supply. A reputable company, too.