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The CJIS Division is responsible for compiling, maintaining and disseminating complete and accurate criminal history records, criminal incident and arrest reports, and statistics.

What is a Criminal Record?

Criminal history record information is collected by criminal justice agencies on individuals consisting of identifiable descriptions and notations of arrests, detentions, indictments, information or other formal criminal charges, and any disposition arising there from sentencing, correctional supervision, and release. Criminal history record information is not only used by law enforcement agencies, but is also available for non-criminal justice requests.

Background check requests are available in two forms: 1 A personal identifier or name-based search which searches information based on the name, date of birth, and social security number of an individual; and 2 Fingerprint search. Processing time for personal identifier search requests and fingerprint-based search requests received by mail is approximately weeks.

The background check results are considered a "possible match" and will include only open records.

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  • What Is a Criminal Background Check? - Trusted Employees.
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Open record information includes 1 records containing convictions, such as plead guilty to, or convicted of, 2 arrest information that is less than 30 days old from the date of arrest, 3 prosecutor filed charges awaiting final disposition from the court, and 4 records that contain a suspended imposition of sentence SIS during the probation period. The results of a fingerprint-based background check are considered a "positive match" and will provide closed or complete records for the requesting individual or qualified requesting entity.

Closed record information includes 1 all criminal history data, including all arrests filed or not filed charges , 2 charges that have been nolle prossed, dismissed, or found not guilty in a court of law, and 3 will include any SIS after the probation period is complete. The associated fee is due upon submission of the request and must be made payable by check or money order to the "State of Missouri - Criminal Record System Fund.

Requests from outside the United States must be paid in US dollars, and by money order only.

Annual Screening process

Return postage for requests requiring other than standard return mail Federal Express, UPS, overnight, etc. You may also be breaking the law as some state and federal laws require criminal background checks on people in certain professions. It is very important, therefore, that you have a criminal background check done on people you are thinking of hiring. There are lots of options for running A criminal background check on an applicant.

What Is a Criminal Background Check? - Trusted Employees

As a rule, places that offer unreasonably fast background checks are most likely cutting corners and may not do as thorough a job as you need. At Trusted Employees, we offer a number of different criminal background checks including federal, state, and international criminal background checks.

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We can also help you decide what kind of criminal background check you need for your situation and create a custom plan that fits your individual needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our services.

What Exactly Is a Criminal Background Check and How Does It Fit into Pre-Employment Screening?

Happy hiring. She has worked in the background screening industry for over 15 years and holds Advanced Certification in the Fair Credit Reporting Act from the National Association of Professional Background. What Is a Criminal Background Check? Why Run a Criminal Background Check?

How to Request Your New York State Criminal History

Robyn K. Linked in Profile. Related articles. The best practice for any employer is to run a pre-employment screening, or….

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Have you ever run a background check on an applicant and gotten back…. Best practice is to always get background checks for employment purposes. They help….

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