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I also suggest keeping the same basic engine. If your engine is beyond salvage, build a new one with the same type castings from scratch or find an identical core from a similar vehicle. Proper parts selection is the most important aspect of engine building outside of choosing a good machine shop. Keep in mind that the 4. Buying new parts is just as easy as, and sometimes easier than, rebuilding old cores. The path you take depends on your budget, the time you have available for rebuilding, and what you want to achieve with your Modular V Since its introduction in , there have been untold combinations of blocks and heads, including the three-valve engine introduced in Although they generally look the same at a glance, they are different from a parts interchange standpoint.

From to , there was just one Modular engine plant: the old Ford tractor plant in Romeo, Michigan. When Ford sold its tractor division to New Holland in the late s, it had empty factory floor space in Romeo. Ultimately, a new generation of fuel-efficient, and emissions-friendly overhead cam V-8 engines was built in Romeo. It took Ford many years to develop a new family of overhead cam V-8 engines.

It was not an easy transformation for Ford. Because the Modular V-8 was massive, vehicle design had to change radically to accommodate the fender-to-fender mass. Every single Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln nameplate ultimately had to change significantly for this engine to fit. Beginning in —, the Windsor, Ontario, engine plant across the Detroit River from Detroit began producing 4. Windsor is primarily a truck engine plant, although it has produced engines for passenger cars, such as the — Mustang GT. By the same token, Romeo has produced engines for trucks as well.

As you delve into engine components, the differences in these engines become readily apparent. SOHC block identification from to is simple because Romeo was the only engine plant. Beginning in , a second plant and foundry in Windsor, Ontario, was used. Main cap security is another way to identify blocks.

Romeo blocks have main cap jackscrews and cross bolts. Jackscrews are for adjustment specific torque during installation. Cross bolts secure jackscrews and main caps. Although Windsor and Romeo blocks are architecturally the same in terms of strength, you should be aware of their differences.

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Windsor blocks have dowel pinsecured main caps and cross bolts. After main caps have been properly torqued, dowel pins are hammered into place and cross bolted. This makes Windsor blocks easier to assemble, taking less time. It has yet to be determined which is a better system.

Romeo blocks, for example, have subtle differences from Windsor blocks in the casting.

1996 Lincoln Mark VIII

They are marked the same with the same kind of webbing and ribs. Bore size, 3. And due to design limitations, both are limited in stroke, too. Windsor blocks can be clearly identified by the absence of a drain passage from the valley along with one knock sensor bung midvalley. In fact, this is the quickest way to identify a Windsor block because none of them have a valley drain hole. The casting number and date code help identification. Casting numbers are located on the block skirt.

This is the entire casting number. The date code helps identify the block by the year that the block was cast. Windsor block main cap security differs from its Romeo counterpart because the Windsor does not use a jackscrew arrangement. Instead, the Windsor uses a dowel retention pin arrangement that wedges between the main cap and the block, secured by cross bolts. When the main caps have been torqued to spec, dowel pins are tapped into place, and then cross bolts installed and torqued to spec.

Mark VII Coupe VIN Decoder | Free Vin Search

This one does not. Be prepared for variations like this in Romeo blocks and always use the casting number as your primary means of block identification.

Romeo blocks have jackscrew-secured, cross-bolted main caps. Jackscrews are used to adjust main cap tension against block skirts. Once the jackscrews have been properly torqued, torque the cross bolts. Although you associate jackscrews with Romeo blocks, not all Romeo blocks have them. Newer Romeo performance blocks have interference-fit main caps that are flush with the block skirts.

Expect to see this in two locations: on the block shirt and in front. When all else fails, confirm the casting number and date code for positive identification. Block machining technique has evolved through the years. This is an older 4. Note the smooth contact surfaces. As this block casting has evolved through the years, Ford has not produced the same smooth contact surfaces on the newer Modular engines. Still, manufacturing techniques remain world class.

Note the rough-cut contact surfaces on this new 4. Ford has eliminated final finish work on block contact surfaces.

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This makes it more than strong enough for a street and weekend strip application. Crossbolted main cap design makes the casting rugged and strong, plus it reduces noise, vibration, and harshness. Although the experts say this block stands up to 1, hp, I recommend keeping it under hp so you can enjoy strong, reliable performance year after year. Although Ford lists one basic part number 7L2ZB for — Romeo passenger car blocks, the Romeo block casting has evolved through the years. Those first revisions came in for the Mustang GT.

The subtle casting improvements were designed to make the Romeo block stronger. For , a Romeo service replacement block is available with two knock-sensor bungs. Otherwise, this block remains virtually unchanged. See the chart at right. It is a table of known SOHC block part numbers. Not all numbers appear here, just the more common ones. Expect to find other numbers out there. The pumps are identical except for pick-up size so they conveniently interchange.

However, be mindful of what makes them different and what needs to change on your engine before installation.

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There are two basic types of oil pumps for Modular engines. The standard pump is found on all SOHC engines from the factory and delivers an adequate oil supply. The more desirable high-volume pump for the DOHC Cobra engine can be identified by its larger pick-up passage. Ford block-casting date codes are alphanumeric, much as they have been for a half-century.

Date codes found on castings are the actual date of casting at the foundry. You really must make this modification to the pick-up.

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What makes these pumps different is capacity. The standard SOHC pump offers plenty of volume for just about any application.